“Doing one to one yoga classes with Anne was one of the best decisions I have made. She has been able to address my needs in a holistic way. Her extensive experience in yoga and personal approach have greatly helped me in leading a more fulfilling life. I simply could not recommend her enough! Thank you Anne” Zinou Goumidi - Special Education Needs Teaching Assistant

“Anne's one to one sessions are a completely holistic experience, she always takes into consideration every aspect of my lifestyle and gives me a practice that compliments and supports my life at that time. I have always benefited tremendously from her tailor made practices.” Jemma Lewis - Actress

“I met Anne 10 years ago and immediately connected with her warm personality and her attention to detail in yoga positions and connecting it to your spiritual wellbeing. Her explanations of yoga sutras and meditation techniques soon had me connecting with my mind body and spirit as I always felt a disconnection within myself. My advancement into metaphysic came about through her love of books particularly the "Autobiography of a yogi" which I immediately fell in love with and knew that my happiness would be found when I could maintain this feeling within my daily life. I am truly grateful for her immense knowledge and practical application of yoga into my life. Her one to one services gave me the opportunity to go deeper into the practices and expanded my awareness.” Cherry Baillie - Architect

“Anne was instrumental in helping me to develop a deep understanding of yoga principals and their application to my life. Her teachings helped me to align my spiritual practice with the mind and body in a way that was personal to me. As a result of my bespoke one to one sessions I enhanced my ability to focus my mind and developed the discipline to accomplish my physical goals and deepen my meditation practice. This has all assisted me to live the joyous life that I experience more and more each day. Thank you for sharing your gift.”  Carine Campbell - Congruent People - Personal & Business Development Consultant